Can Garlic Be Used to Treat BV?

Can Garlic Be Used to Treat BV

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is simply a form of bacterial infection that affects a woman’s vaginal area thus resulting in several irritating symptoms. Common signs of Bacterial vaginosis include inflammation, soreness and a burning sensation around your vaginal area coupled with an awful discharge from your vagina and pain during sexual intercourse.
There are several references on the internet to various prescription medications that can be used to treat BV; and in some cases, they tend to be very effective. However, a major problem comes in when their cost is put into consideration. As a matter of fact, most people are not able to afford them because of their exorbitant price tags. If you are in such a boat then you should consider learning more about the relation between garlic cloves and BV. Garlic is a proven natural and inexpensive treatment for bacterial vaginosis that is just as effective as any other type of prescription medication.

BV is treated by changing the pH levels in the body in order to make the vaginal area intolerable to any harmful bacteria. The treatment also involves reducing the pH levels inside the vagina itself. Garlic is a one of the most effective ways of reducing the PH balance. Garlic’s excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties make it the most effective remedy against the BV causing bacteria. Women who incorporated large amounts of garlic into their diet reported excellent results in the reduction or even elimination of their BV.


The best way to ingest garlic is by consuming one or two cloves of fresh garlic each day. While garlic might be a very effective way of treating BV, it can also be very effective at alienating those around you. To avoid having foul garlic breath, you can opt to use garlic supplements which are normally available at most supermarkets or drug stores. The relation between garlic capsules and BV has been around for a very long time so it’s guaranteed to help you to avoid bad breath while providing the same benefits gotten from using real garlic.

So, does garlic cure BV? The answer is an absolute yes; a combination of garlic and other natural remedies is even more effective because it helps in re-establishing the body’s natural pH balance.


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